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All over the world a revolution is taking place. People from different walks of life are coming together by a common yearning to make the world a better place. It’s taking place in boardrooms and universities, in the media, in government and in all types of organizations across the world. Shine your Light was birthed to help these people and organisations by helping them to package their story, cause and business in a way that allows maximum impact. In service to a better world.

Recent Projects

Marcel Hübenthal

Systemic Coaching pioneer & thought leader Founder Coaching Akademie Berlin

Karen Lee Downes

Leadership Consultant. Speaker & Author.

The Business Plan for Peace

Based on the 2017 book, "The Business Plan for Peace". Organisation dedicated to implementing 25 tried and tested strategies for preventing war, that can be scaled up and extended, in order to prevent armed violence worldwide.


Seven will be the first European holistic resort and centre for transformation, personal growth and leadership development in an environment of outstanding beauty.

Mandalia Birth

Mandalia Birth guides women to reclaim their autonomy to birth as they wish. Their goal is to heal and empower women to see clearly that how we bring our children into the world not just impacts the rest of their life but the health of future generations, our entire society and the earth.

Nicholas Janni

Leadership Development & Coaching, Speaker
Founder Core Presence

Dr. Scilla Elworthy

Three times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Founder Oxford Research Group, Founder Peace Direct

Alexandra Feldner

Founder FemmeQ
Changemaker, Film Maker


A community of thought leaders, change makers, social activists and business leaders committed to creating new paradigms of thinking and acting in core sectors of society

Alistair Langer

Change Maker, Reducing Complexity

The Flourish Initiative

Helping to build organisations where people flourish and business prospers.

Nadine Hamburger

Consciousness in Business
Consultant, Pragmatic Visionary and Integral Coach

Claudia Roth

Founder Soul Luxury, Co-founder of the HEALING SUMMIT
Luxury Brand Consultant

Emma Rowena Hansen

Musician, Healer, Writer

Kerstin Löber

Change Maker, Consultant

We’re experts in understanding your mission, developing your business and crafting websites that drive results.

We work with you, solving existing problems, uncovering new opportunities and helping you tell your story in a way that’s authentic.

A Rite of passage

Move into your full capacity, thrive and ultimately be fulfilled.

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Success is a very subtle interplay of different aspects like talent, personality, devotion and focus. Our skill sets come in countless varieties and we can often not see them. I can. I have always been passionate to birth talent. I have trained for many years in different cultures, professions and on different levels of consciousness.
– Alexandra

Your Story: tell your life story in a new and emotionally engaging way – honouring your path

Your Mission: make sure that your mission is clear and that you own it

Your Vision: as a thought partner making sure that your vision corresponds to what you really (like: really!!!) want to do with your life and in the world…..

Your talent: We fine tune your unique skill set

Your digital imprint

We want to see you thrive online.

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We’re experts in handcrafted websites that drive results, have personality and are beautifully designed. We work with you, solving existing problems and uncovering new opportunities.

Business Strategy: Giving feedback to your current situation, making sure your business proposal is clear. We work with you on your offer, and find the best way to make this clear and easy to understand. We help you to define your audience. We discuss your marketing & social media strategy

Branding: We will determine a visual world, which is you – and you only Unique Voice

As an end result you will recognize yourself in your very individual digital imprint. Your new website will serve as an inner landscape, as the architecture of your purpose & mission, helping you to focus, to serve and support your vision in the best possible way.

"At the beginning you told me you provide more more than a website. I sensed the truth of that. Now I know it 100%… You have been absolutely extraordinary. I could not be any happier with it - the unique and incredibly beautiful design, and the deep interior energetic connection/alignment I feel with it. You have provided a truly profound service..."

Nicholas Janni

Leadership Development & Coaching, Speaker
Founder Core Presence

"You helped me think through my most vital messages; gave a brand new structure to who I am, what I do, how I do it. Above all you created a super accessible website that is elegant, beautiful, clean and easy to navigate."

Dr. Scilla Elworthy

Three times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Founder Oxford Research Group, Founder Peace Direct

Whether you work in: Coaching, Social Impact, Politics, Healing, Art & Music, Education, Corporate, NGO - It is not so much about what you do – it is more about what you believe!

You believe in positive change, you believe in a fair, kind and peaceful world, you decided to be part of the solution (instead of being part of the problem), you are a rebel, a force for good, a planet saver and an earth lover. You are not afraid to take a stand, you know that change starts with yourself. WELCOME to our world. We will help you to shine your light.

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Profiling, Creative Direction, Film Making

Alexandra worked in fashion & film between different cultures across Europe and the US, developing a deep sense of visual beauty. Throughout this rich creative journey she has woven her studies of spiritual psychology, human consciousness and feminine leadership.


Design, Business Visionary, Marketing, Development

Fuelled by his passion for design, beauty and simplicity, Michael provides a deep understanding of how aesthetics influence us all. He has worked with a diverse international client base bringing alive in artistic expression their purpose, business proposition and offer.


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