A note from Alexandra

This page is written as a personal note to you, so I can best convey my message and thoughts.

I love to listen to your story. Your journey is of such individual beauty. I want to discover every skill, hidden talent and the many aspects of who you are to create a platform showcasing the real you.

Be unique, courageous, sophisticated, wild, loving...

..and impressively humble: Change the World

Be unique, courageous, sophisticated, wild, loving...

How can you access modern tools and technologies to represent you, your business, your mission & vision to the world? Together we will develop the opportunities to scale your message and expand your reach.

A Rite of passage

I would call my service a Rite of Passage.

Success is a very subtle interplay of different aspects like talent, personality, devotion and focus. Our skill sets come in countless varieties and we can often not see them. I can. I have always been passionate to birth talent. I have trained for many years in different cultures, professions and on different levels of consciousness.

Looking back on 25 years of experience, I have managed international careers, discovered and developed talent, helped to see opportunities and created international networks.

Today, I use this expertise to make sure the people I work with move into their full capacity and become very successful and ultimately fulfilled in what they do best.

I feel grateful and moved to use this expertise to help people on their quest to change the world.

How we can work together and let your light shine

While travelling the world, I met astonishing people who have dedicated their life to bringing about change and healing. Their creativity, expertise and wisdom is such an important contribution to the world. I am passionate about helping change makers have maximum impact.

  1. We look at your life together and answer the following questions: what are the three things you would like to do, who are you, what needs to be told?
  2. I listen to your life journey. We develop a new narative and decide together how your story can be told in its most beautiful and engaging form.
  3. Your inner beauty will be represented through the outer beauty of your very individual visual world. No templates - this is a all about... the unique you!
  4. Is your business an authentic representation of what you want to bring into the world? Are you totally aware of all the possibilities you have?
  5. We will discover the opportunities you have missed, create new connections, define your next strategic steps and scale your business.
  6. A Rite of Passage: once you give your mission & vision full attention you will walk through the world in a different way. You will shine your light.

"At the beginning you told me you provide more more than a website. I sensed the truth of that. Now I know it 100%… You have been absolutely extraordinary. I could not be any happier with it - the unique and incredibly beautiful design, and the deep interior energetic connection/alignment I feel with it. You have provided a truly profound service..."

Nicholas Janni

Leadership Development & Coaching, Speaker
Founder Core Presence

"You helped me think through my most vital messages; gave a brand new structure to who I am, what I do, how I do it. Above all you created a super accessible website that is elegant, beautiful, clean and easy to navigate."

Dr. Scilla Elworthy

Three times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Founder Oxford Research Group, Founder Peace Direct

"CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU for the spectacular job you have done on the new Business Plan for Peace website. WOW! WOW! WOW! Brilliant, in every way! Easy to navigate, clear, engaging, beautiful, thought provoking, inspiring, pleasing to the eye and heart... A masterpiece (I am not exaggerating!) As one who develops websites I have a deep appreciation for the labor of love this has been and am in awe of your talent."

Sheva Carr

Owner/CEO Fyera!, Executive Director Fyera Foundation,
Director & Founder of HeartMath's HeartMastery Program

"As a social entrepreneur and change maker I needed help to portray the complexity of my message and vision. Working with Alexandra and Michael helped me to structure and expand my offer, to beautifully showcase the many projects I worked on and to add my personality and core message to the mix. They helped me considerably to position myself on the international market by leveraging my impact here in Germany and on an international level. The photo shooting organised by SYL, the whole visual world, which is so me, the copy, titles and the overall feel of my profiling and personal branding left me with deep gratitude. A huge thanks to Shine your Light!"

Alistair Langer

Social Entrepreneur, Change Maker, Reducing complexity

Whether you work in: Coaching, Social Impact, Politics, Healing, Art & Music, Education, Corporate, NGO – It is not so much about what you do – it is more about what you believe!

You believe in positive change, you believe in a fair, kind and peaceful world, you decided to be part of the solution (instead of being part of the problem), you are a rebel, a force for good, a planet saver and an earth lover. You are not afraid to take a stand, you know that change starts with yourself. WELCOME to our world. We will help you to shine your light.

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Dr. Scilla Elworthy

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