Recent Projects

Suzanne Anderson

Leadership Development Thought Leader, Psychologist, Author

Claudia Shkatov

Transformational Coach

Celine Fontaine

Coach, Facilitator & Community builder

Simone Anliker

Non Violent Communication Expert, Author

Purpose Power Presence

Womens Leadership Coaching Programme

Ann Forker

Trauma-Expertin, Pionierin, Facilitator

Carsten Essig

Podcast Host -

Robert Dellner

CEO & Author, Integral Impact Investments

Anne Baring

Author, Researcher, Scholar, Jungian Analyst

Dr. Tania Singer

Researcher, Author, Speaker

Constanze Baier

Self love coach

Liz Rivers

Leadership Coach, Speaker, Mediator

Graham Boyd

CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, Particle Physicist, Disruptive Innovator, Author

Izabella Pach

Systemic Coach, Mediator, Author

Julia von Werz

Architect and Designer

Sarah McLean

Meditation Pioneer, Acclaimed Presenter,
Best-Selling Hay House Author of The Power of Attention

Johannes Gaan Eisenburger

NextGen Mentor & Conscious Sales Coach

Marcel Hübenthal

Systemic Coaching pioneer & thought leader Founder Coaching Akademie Berlin

Karen Lee Downes

Leadership Consultant. Speaker & Author.

The Business Plan for Peace

Based on the 2017 book, "The Business Plan for Peace". Organisation dedicated to implementing 25 tried and tested strategies for preventing war, that can be scaled up and extended, in order to prevent armed violence worldwide.


Seven will be the first European holistic resort and centre for transformation, personal growth and leadership development in an environment of outstanding beauty.

Mandalia Birth

Mandalia Birth guides women to reclaim their autonomy to birth as they wish. Their goal is to heal and empower women to see clearly that how we bring our children into the world not just impacts the rest of their life but the health of future generations, our entire society and the earth.

Nicholas Janni

Leadership Development & Coaching, Speaker
Founder Core Presence

Dr. Scilla Elworthy

Three times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Founder Oxford Research Group, Founder Peace Direct

Alexandra Feldner

Founder FemmeQ
Changemaker, Film Maker


A community of thought leaders, change makers, social activists and business leaders committed to creating new paradigms of thinking and acting in core sectors of society

Alistair Langer

Change Maker, Reducing Complexity

Nadine Hamburger

Consciousness in Business
Consultant, Pragmatic Visionary and Integral Coach

Emma Rowena Hansen

Musician, Healer, Writer

Kerstin Löber

Change Maker, Consultant

The way you present yourself does not only have an effect on the person reading it but also on yourself and how you move through the world. Creating your personal profile means to tell your story in an authentic, creative and true-to-yourself way. A story which is engaging to read and gives the reader a feeling of who you are, what you are about and where your expertise is coming from.

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