The Shine Your Light Process

Dear one

Over the next few weeks, we will be on a journey together and in a deep reflection about you and your work in the world. We would therefore like to make sure that you know exactly what to expect. Communication is key and we wish to be transparent and clear from the start.
We care about building websites that are unique and sophisticated. No templates, no lazy choices in message, imagery or storytelling. We’re experts in handcrafted websites that have personality, drive results, and are beautifully designed.

Our service is therefore very customized, which makes it even more important to get the communication between us right. Once we have discussed everything and we are on the same page in terms of practicalities, financials and logistics, we can focus our energy on all that needs to be done. We will make sure that this process will be a beautiful, creative, meaningful and highly inspiring experience for you. That you will: Shine your Light!

A 6 Week



Session 1

Your Story

With Alexandra

Tell me your story. Your life is rich and full of interesting details. Your heroine’s or hero’s journey skilfully contributed to who you are today. Let’s un-weave the years, explore the richness of your story and honour who you are today.

Goal of this session:
In this session we get to know each other by looking at your life together. Your narrative will help us create the fertile ground needed to: acknowledge your expertise, value your maturity, identify your next milestone and define your stand in the world.

This session is 2.5h long

Session 2


With Alexandra

Assessing your life today. What works or what would you like to change?The starting point for this inquiry is the “why”? Why are you doing what you are doing? What drives you? What are you passionate about? We go deep and make sure that you are seen in your full beauty. This session lays the groundwork for your offer.

Goal of this session:
Having a clear understanding of your current situation. What is hindering you? Are any fears or limitations in the way?
This session is 1.5h long

Session 3

Your Business

With Alexandra

Your Business, Purpose, Mission. Let’s get creative!
Now that we talked about your life and your current situation, let’s look at the years ahead. What would you like to do with your one & only precious life?
In this session we are combining flow and structure, we honour process and goals, we make sure that your heart and mind are equally honoured when it comes to define your further unfolding in the world.

Goal of this session:
We sometimes get caught in our own limiting beliefs, in our own system. Free yourself. Let’s think a bit bigger and give you a moment to explore deeply what the next level of your mission could look like once we go off the beaten track.

Session 4

Business Development & Offer 1

In this session we define your offer and get a clear idea about your 3 main offerings. We set the foundation for your 3 offer pages based on what we worked on / discussed before.

Goal of this session:
Getting clear about your offer: what do you offer, what are the benefits, ingredients, topics.

This session is 1.5h long

Session 5

Design - Briefing

With Alexandra & Michael

We discuss your preferences in terms of design. You show us examples of what you like. We discuss colours, fonts and design.

This session is 1h long

After that we will sit down and create the design. In the meantime we invite you to be patiently waiting until we contact you with time suggestions for the big moment:

Presenting your new Design!

Session 6

Business Development & Offer 2

In this session we go through your offer text together and decide on the content of your offer page. The Design Layout helps you to understand the details and placement of your offer content.

Goal of this session:
Further structure and clarify your offer. Set the basis for the design and layout of your offer pages.

This session is 1.5h long

Session 7

Design - Presentation

With Alexandra & Michael

We present your new design and discuss it with you. Then we will do live changes on the design together with you to adjust where it needs fine-tuning.This is a fun and interactive process where we try things out and play with additional ideas.

  • All details

    This session is 1.5h long

    After this session you have 1 – 2 days to take your new design in.

    It is important to get used to your new visual identity and make sure you like it.

    We have already worked on changes with you in this session and in 90% of the cases the design is very close to the finished look after that.

    You certainly understand that we have to limit the alterations of your design. However: we want you to be happy – so far we have always created happy clients.

    It is not always useful to show your new design to too many people. Everybody has a different taste. It is you and only you, represented here and we want YOU to be happy.

    We will need your OK within a week to go ahead and send the final design into programming.

Session 8

Business Development & Offer 3

We finalize your offer pages based on the previous design and business development sessions.

Goal of this session:
Finalize your offer pages.

This session is 1.5h long

Behind the scenes



Once your website design is approved the design goes into programming and will be done within a weeks time. After that we will strat to work on the live website and you’ll be able to access it online under a private staging domain that only you can access.

Behind the scenes

Building Offer Pages & Adding Content


Session 9

About - Timeline

With Alexandra

Now that your offer is clear and your future path is defined, let’s come back to you. Personality is key. You are not your offer or your product – you are YOU. In this session we discuss the narrative of your story you have previously prepared. We will create your narrative together, edit, help to create engaging titles, add a sparkle here and there.

Goal of this session:
Get your narrative to the point, make sure you own it. Put your beautiful crown on your head. Be a Queen. be a King. Walk!

This session is 1.5h long

Behind the scenes

Website Launch


Your finished site will be transferred to your hosting provider and connected to your domain. After that your site is live and ready for the world to see!


with everyone

By now, we walked a few miles together!

We shared your story, laughed, cried (maybe…) and had some beautiful moments together.

Thank you for being….you!

We take our mission very serioulsy and want to make sure that you move through the world with your Light shining Bright.

In this session we want to make sure that your crown is neately placed on the top of your head, that you are happy with the process and that we stay friends.

This is only the beginning.

"At the beginning you told me you provide more more than a website. I sensed the truth of that. Now I know it 100%… You have been absolutely extraordinary. I could not be any happier with it - the unique and incredibly beautiful design, and the deep interior energetic connection/alignment I feel with it. You have provided a truly profound service..."

Nicholas Janni

Leadership Development & Coaching, Speaker
Founder Core Presence

"You helped me think through my most vital messages; gave a brand new structure to who I am, what I do, how I do it. Above all you created a super accessible website that is elegant, beautiful, clean and easy to navigate."

Dr. Scilla Elworthy

Three times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Founder Oxford Research Group, Founder Peace Direct

How we will work together to let your light shine

However reads this – do know – that you are deeply respected, appreciated and loved by the SYL team, your fellows on the path.

MAKE THE TIME – Set aside the time you need every day and week to work on your SYL homework, questions or text. Be prepared to work around 10 hours a week at the beginning and then however much time, you need for your copywriting hereafter.

FULL COMMITMENT – Are you ready to prioritise the process? We need your full commitment to guarantee the best outcome. The time period we reserved for your process is 6 weeks.

COLLABORATION – The SYL process is an intensely collaborative process. Your help and support is needed. Please make sure you are prepared in all areas such as: What are you imagining in terms of visuals and design, contemplate your vision, what are you longing for, how would you like your work, purpose to evolve?

THE PROCESS – all information you need to stay on track in the process will be in our project management board ( Our process has been refined by 4 years of experience working with clients and is designed to help you keep the fire burning. All modules are building up on each other and help you to follow a clear cut path.

PREPARING YOUR SESSIONS – you will be creating between sessions. Please make sure that you have enough time to do this and that you work in a space of joy and inspiration.

COMMUNICATION – In order to keep the process lean and clear to the team we kindly ask you to communicate mainly through our project management board, allowing us all to centrally access important information and stay on track.

TIME- INVEST – many clients would love us to read all their books, watch their videos, listen to their podcasts. Although we cherish what you are doing and will tune into your important work as much as we can, we also have to stay in the time attributed to your project. Thank you for your understanding.

FRUSTRATION – sometimes dealing with yourself and your many To-Do’s for this process can be overwhelming and frustrating. Please do let us know if you are stuck or frustrated. We will do what we can to un-stuck you.

LEADERSHIP OF SELF – we are in this together and will do what we can to support you. It is however important that you take full leadership of your process, your needs and yourself while we are working together. We do mention this as, based on our experience, we see that stepping into fully leading your path is not only helpful to all of us but also highly effective.